Motor Dealers

Comsure Insurance Brokers is a specialist in motor dealerships.

Risk services is a key area of Comsure’s dealership program and run by highly experienced personnel.

Comsure has grown consistently over the past decade with organic growth in motor dealerships and the electrical heavy industry. The motor dealer division, under Mike Ambrosini’s leadership, has taken Comsure to be Australia’s largest dealership broker, backed by Allianz, the Australian market leader.

Risk management

Comsure understands dealership risks. We can:
Identify physical and procedural frameworks for underwriter acceptance
Prepare client underwriting slips for market
Conduct ongoing reviews of insurance and risk exposures in contracts and business opportunities
Manage subcontractor compliance

Insurance placement

We design programs to suit your dealership:
Profit centre protection
Program reports and advice
Policy and premium management
Private client advisory for dealer principals’ domestic insurance

Claims management

Effective lodgement
Loss management
Maximise your claimable policy benefits
Strategic claims advice for complex claims
Facilitate claims investigations
Engage and advise legal providers
Attend and conduct claims reviews

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