Our Services

As a client of Comsure you will be appointed with an account manager who will ensure that your coverage matches your risk profile.

We will:

  • Understand and promptly respond to your risk needs.
  • Collate all necessary information for evaluation, insurance marketing and placement of insurance policies.
  • Complete and issue policy documentation that is tailored to your unique insurance requirements.
  • Premium invoicing and remittance to insurers.
  • Maintain policies and recommend enhancements, as required, to respond to your needs.
  • Ensure an effective communication flow to your business and to the markets involved in the insurance program.
  • Actively assist you in achieving prompt settlement of claims, including claims monitoring and negotiating with loss adjustors and underwirters.
  • Keep you aware of changes in legislation, case history and matters affecting assets and liability exposures through timely advice and technical reviews.


Claims can often be highly complex matters, which demand a great deal of expertise and management. Your appointed account service team will take responsibility for driving the claims process to make sure the right information is accessed, assessors appointed, policy conditions regarding notification are adhered to and that there is a high level of communication and co-operation between all parties.

Claims management is a time consuming function, which must be carried out in a thorough and professional manner in order to limit incurred costs.

Comsure has professional claim management capabilites and can provide a comprehensive service that will benefit your bottom line.


We can also assist in the arrangement of premium funding - helping to spread the cost over the period of insurance.