Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked questions:-

  1. When will I get my certificate of Currencies?

Once we have receipted your payment for your liability insurance, we will post you your certificates within 48 hours.  One certificate will be for your licence and the other will be a general liability certificate to be kept on file and used where required throughout the year.


  1. Why do I have to complete a declaration form before I receive my renewal?

Your insurer needs updated information to provide renewal terms tailored to your business.  The updated information could avoid potential problems should a claim arise, as material facts have been disclosed at time of renewal.


  1.  How do I make a claim?

Call our office on (07) 3839 5450 and our dedicated claims team will be able to assist you. Or see our claims service page to download a claim form and obtain further information on what to do in the case of a claim or incident.

  1. How do I make payments?

Please refer to our client service 'pay my bill' icon for payment methods.  Payment of your insurance can be made either by bpay, credit card or cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to Comsure Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd.

  1. Will the licencing board accept a copy of my certificate?

The licencing board will accept fax, email or photocopy of the completed Queensland Government certificate of currency form


  1. Why does the liability limit on my licensing certificate only state $5,000,0000 when my actual limit is higher?

 $5,000,000 is the minimum limit that the licensing board require as per the boards standard certificate of currency form.  Therefore the form is completed in accordance with their requirements, when we issue the licence certificate we also usually issue you with a general Comsure certificate of currency which will show the full limit of liability you have.